After I took my trip to London, Prague, and Budapest I brought back one overall concept, and what I saw was a community’s ability to preserve it’s history and evolve culturally. There were hundreds of years of history and everywhere I went I could find people shaping and creating a new city. Before I went on the trip, I was working on my business plan, and once I returned, I couldn’t help but pay closer attention to how I can make a difference, and bring growth and creativity to downtown Leadville, Colorado. My vision is to start a flower shop, focus on flower arrangements for local events in Leadville/Lake County and throughout the Rocky Mountain region, provide rental decor, and in my long-term plans to become a part of a new cultural lifestyle the Sober Curious movement. I’ve been hearing more and more from my friends and family that they are getting tired of drinking.

The Sober Curious movement has been popping up in New York and Chicago, but it doesn’t fall short of a small rural town that is seeing the same trend. Imagine a mocktail bar, where you can sit amongst fresh cut flowers and a green oasis of plants while enjoying a non-alcoholic beverage and socializing freely. Locally ,this covers a few bases visitors who come to 10,200 feet and want to enjoy downtown but experience trouble with the altitude, the youth who want a hang out spot downtown that’s appropriate and open until later in the night, it becomes family-friendly, and for those who just plain don’t want to drink— what do you drink when you’re not drinking?

We want to fill that gap and serve people non-alcoholic beverages for them to live their best lives the next day. For most Coloradans you have an active lifestyle, want to bike in the morning, do yoga, work remotely and have a conference call we’ve got your back. Come and visit us in the winter time, especially, to enjoy our little nook and cranny downtown. If you fit this description and still want to enjoy the downtown scene this is an activity that’s family-friendly and a unique atmosphere. Enjoy green all year round.

We offer a range of services for our clients to choose from to help create a truly beautiful and unique atmosphere. We are an inspired walk-in floral shop, event design studio, and rental house based in Leadville, CO. The storefront will also house a wine + mocktail lounge area.

We offer and emphasize non-alcoholic drinks (mocktails), with a side of wine, and a small selection of food –a place for people to gather with free wi-fi in the evening and a variety of entertainment.

Florista Spells Studio is a local flower shop that feels like home. A place you share & enjoy good conversation, good music, and good company with the people you love. We are intentional and creative and want to lift up our community as a business.